So That Happened

So That Happened

7 Episodes

A heartwarming new LGBTQ comedy series
about love, family and being who you truly are.

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So That Happened
  • S1 E1: Totally Awkward

    Episode 1

    When Jess meets Zac's unconventional family, she discovers she has a whole lot of learning to do.

  • S1 E2: Totally New

    Episode 2

    Jess and Zac are gearing up to have sex for the first time. Meanwhile, Alice, Chris, and Wanda are trying to clean a horrifyingly dirty bathroom before the Safety Inspector arrives.

  • S1 E3: Totally Exposed

    Episode 3

    When Alice gets an eviction notice for her yoga studio, she rallies the family to help her save her studio.

  • S1 E4: Totally Scoreable

    Episode 4

    Zac teaches Jess how to play poker as Wanda pokes fun at Chris' infatuation with the Mailman.

  • S1 E5: Totally Appetizing

    Episode 5

    Chris thinks up new gay-centric app ideas for the Pear Developer contest. Meanwhile, Alice treats Zac and Jess to some special brownies.

  • S1 E6: Totally Fudged

    Episode 6

    Jess receives a job offer and Zac worries about the future of their relationship. Meanwhile, Wanda plots to steal something special from Frank.

  • S1 E7: Totally Screwed

    Episode 7

    When the ceiling collapses, the kids scramble for a solution which causes Frank's pride to get the better of him.